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Our Traditions & Values

The guiding light of our activities are reflected in the program and structure of camp. In addition to having fun, Halfmoon emphasizes the wider significance of things, enhancing and promoting personal awareness and growth, developing independence and self-reliance, leadership qualities and communication skills.

Our leading values


Halfmoon offers a new kind of network;  a “movement” in that it is part of the Camp Kimama umbrella. Our programming provides continuity that perseveres and grows from one year to the next with various camps around the world and throughout the year. With every piece of the puzzle, we aim to build long-term, meaningful ties with a community that crosses oceans and borders. 


Halfmoon creates a place free of the humdrum of everyday life; a space imbued with the spirit of freedom, free of the shackles of routine. The promise of independence and personal choice lets every camper open up and explore aspects of his or her personality that do not necessarily find expression in habitual frameworks. When routine is left behind, one is free to experience self-expression, self-discovery and empowerment. A place to experiment, experience, grow and mature.


A quest is a personal journey of exploration; embarking on a route that leads to new places, a road that unfolds as you travel. Every step brings with new experiences, new adventures, all connected with developing self awareness as well as awareness of the road traveled. The quest offered at Halfmoon is special and unique in its time, and its effects last for years to come. 


At Halfmoon, all of the fun, excitement, activities, and friendships come together to ultimately care for our campers’ wellbeing. If we are not caring for the bodies and spirits of our kids, all of our work and dedication do not mean a thing. In everything we do, from program scheduling to choosing the ingredients we use in our kitchen, intensive staff training sessions on bullying and mental health, we aim to create a wholesome, peaceful environment from which our campers can thrive and grow.


Every encounter is an opportunity for new ties with new friendships. Israeli-Jewish-international encounter inherently carries with it added value; it imparts a warm, familiar feeling that engenders a feeling of belonging, creates hope for both change on one hand and continuity on the other. Halfmoon’s uniqueness lies in empowering a cross-border experience, widening young people’s horizons and opening new opportunities. Halfmoon brings different identities together, develops an international social network that broadens one’s horizons and links separate worlds. This special encounter yields incredible results on so many levels.

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