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At Kimama Halfmoon we are proud of many things, one big one being our kitchen and holistic approach to food and nutrition. Being located in the Berkshires we have access to local farms and food vendors, and we prioritize sourcing fresh, locally grown ingredients so that our campers and staff alike get the very best. Above all, we believe meals should be shared and celebrated, making visiting our dining hall three times a day a joyful and enriching experience for both body and spirit. 

Nutrition & Dietary needs


Moti, our chef arrives every Summer straight from Israel to grace our kitchen with his Mediterranean flair! Meals always hail many options, from protein, to veggies, kid friendly sides, and a salad bar like you wouldn’t believe. It’s not uncommon to get Israeli staples like Bourekas or Shakshuka, tahini, and so much more! 


Our kitchen at Kimama Halfmoon is kosher. Meals are separated into meat and dairy meals, and there are no pork or seafood items on the premises. 


Each meal at Kimama Halfmoon starts with handwashing. Campers sit with their groups at their assigned tables with their counselors among them, and wait for announcements. We then bless the food we are about to eat with Ha-Motzee, a Jewish blessing for bread, and group by group campers head to the colorful buffet jam packed with healthy varieties for all preferences and dietary restrictions. Once campers are full and happy, they may clear their plates, and head back to their table for Birkat Hamazon.

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