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CEO & Kimama Founder

Avishay Nachon

Avishay Nachon is an Entrepreneur and Educator. He has been heavily involved over the last two decades as a leader in social programs, managerial roles, training and consulting as well as creation and organization of unique educational projects in Israel and worldwide. Avishay, holds an MA in Labor Studies and a BA in Education Policy and Management, as well as a degree in Conducting and Composition, from the University of Tel Aviv, Israel. He is a board member at the American Friends of Jordan River Village. Currently, Avishay serves as CEO and owner of Camp Kimama, and he splits his time between New York and Tel Aviv.

Partner and Kimama North America COO

Alon Parnas

For 20 years, Alon Parnas has paved his career with Kimama, starting from logistics, counseling, management, business development and so much more. Israeli born, he spent his youth in the Israeli scouts and went on to serve in the Israeli Defense Force. He has worked in various education modalities, and takes inspiration from his two beautiful children, Izzy and Sunny. Alon is passionate about the transformative power Camp can have on youth and adults alike.

Our Leadership

Our leadership team is a diverse group with camping, social work, education, marketing, design and business experience blended with a passion for youth summer experiences!

Overnight Camp Director

Michal Gut

Michal lives in Tel Aviv year round where she is a social activist and the Chairman of the Parent Leadership organization. She works with children in the Scout program along with the schools and her community. Michal is married to Tomer and has two young children Anna and Lin. 

Day Camp Director

Dorit Weshler

Dorit has a PhD in Social work with a specialty in disabilities. After many years in the field as director of residential treatment centers, she now teaches disability studies to college students. In addition, she works for the Israeli Volunteering Council. As a former camper and Shlicah she loves summer camp! Dorit lives in Tel Aviv and is the mom of Mika and Yonatan who will be joining her at Halfmoon as campers.

Program Director

Liron Filos

Liron is a mother of two teenagers and a highly experienced educator. She began her career in the special education field. Later, as a teacher and a member of the school management team, she created new and innovative ways to improve teaching methods and the student environment. She loves hiking, the beach, and she is also a very talented photographer of natural wonders.

Camper Care Coordinator

Cindy Geva

Cindy has a BA in Sociology and Education and an MA in Organization Consulting. She has years of experience working in Human Resources and managing employee experiences. She is also a skilled communications coach giving her the knowledge and skills to help individuals balance life’s many challenges. Cindy is the proud mom of two and enjoys traveling, camping, reading and baking in her free time. 

Administrative Manager

Rachel Stone

As a year round employee, Rachel is responsible for many aspects of Camp Halfmoon, but the one thing she enjoys most is cultivating family relationships. She was introduced to Kimama Camps in 2015, when she was the Director of Kids Creating Peace (KCP), a nonprofit organization for teenagers. Years later she began working for Kimama Camps and moved back to Florida where she now resides. Rachel has a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Master’s Degree in Administration and Supervision from Johns Hopkins University.

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